Reasons to hire a DJ, not a wedding band

Good music at your wedding reception is crucial and finding the right music is a big challenge. The big question is: should you hire a DJ or a band? There will be people who will say a band, because a band gives a live performance. Still there are tons of reasons why a DJ is the best choice.

100.000 songs instead of 10 songs

No matter how large the wedding band’s repertoire is, there is no way they will know how to play the new song from Jay Z and Beyoncé, a folk song, Get Lucky by Daft Punk or that upbeat latin song. A wedding DJ can do that. He has a library of more than thousands of songs and will most likely have all your favourite songs and special requests available. 

Great reliability

When you hire a DJ, you are hiring just one person (or maybe two if you hire a DJ with musician). When you hire a wedding band, you need to rely to a dozen of people to show up.

A DJ is more affordable

Hiring a typical wedding band will cost you around 1000 pounds, while a professional DJ will cost about 450 pounds. With this 550 pounds saved by hiring a DJ, you could hire one of our photo booths for parties. Your guests will just love the photo booth. When they will come out of the booth they will surely smile.