Try Usenet provider

You can try Usenet provider services from the following 8 backbones; they include Eweka, Tweakness, UNS Holdings, Base IP, XSnews, Vipernews, UsenetExpress, and Usenet.Farm. These are the main providers of Usenet servers. I use the services of different providers and I use UNS Holdings at the moment because it has multiple servers in its large server backbone. When looking for a Usenet provider you want to work with, it is important that you try Usenet provider who has no logs on the VPN and offers more than 30 connections with SSL. The provider also needs to provide unlimited speed and access, plus the highest quality retention.

Features of a Good Usenet Provider

Uncapped speed: look for a provider who has a high-performance network that you can use to maximize your gigabit connection. Since server clusters are in Europe and North America, you can connect the closest server.
Privacy is Key: a good provider offers SSL to encrypt Usenet connection. I also check if they prevent ISP throttling and if they have higher levels of privacy. Additionally, check if a VPN is offered.
Great service: I work with a provider who offers 100% newsgroup completion, 24×7 friendly support service, and 100% uptime.