Deburring stainless steel

Having deburring machinery is a crucial aspect for all your production processes. Every steel factory owner has come across the burring problem. Burrs are tiny nodes on the surface of your machinery parts, caused by sawing or slicing your stainless steel parts. The burrs will grow bigger and, however not always visible for the naked eye, can cause serious damage to all your machinery parts. It will eventually slow down your production process and you will notice the less quality of your products. Deburring stainless steel is very important to keep up your production line and to deliver high quality products to your customers.


We at Q-fin have the solution for your burr problems. We are able to offer you several high quality deburring machines for all the different parts of your machinery. We can provide manual and automatic machines, whatever is most suitable for your company. Our deburring machines will remove all the burrs trough grinding and make the surface of your machinery parts smooth again. If your using one of our deburring machines, you will notice the shinier and more well finished look of your products. Please contact our Q-fin team for more information about our deburring machines.