Netherlands company register search

For opening your Dutch company, you need to register your company and company name in the register of the Dutch chamber of commerce. In Dutch it’s called ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ or KvK. First you need to check your company name in the Netherlands company register search.

Register search; how it works

First, when you go to the Netherlands register website and search, you will see the next items;


– name of the Dutch entity

– Registered address of the company

– correspondence details

– details about the company directors

– number of employees .

In some cases, you find out your company name is already taken. Than, it is necessary to create a new name for your company. The Dutch law states it isn’t allowed to have more companies using the same company name. If you find it difficult to proceed the search or create a new name for your company, there is the  ‘set-up your Dutch company’team, who is able to help you out, very quickly and in a very professional way. They can take over the registry for you and even helping to create a new company name.  All they need from you is details about the shareholders, the deed of incorporation, details about the company’s director(s) or manager(s) and a bank reference about the deposited share capital. So, with a minimum of information, they can help you in register your Dutch company right away.