Pasajes Aereos

Traveling is a fantastic activity, and at Pasajes Aereos, we give you the best destinations you can visit. How do we do that? We ensure our airfare is cost-friendly because we know our clients’ struggles to purchase these tickets. With time more people are using air travel in Lima, and we are properly situated to execute our client’s needs.

What we Offer

Our airline offers affordable tickets, and we give clients the chance to compare all flights and choose which one is perfect for them. If you are late for the flight, you can search for other later flights from our airline. Our search tool provides you with all the options. We recognize our competition between airlines in Lima and strive to provide a wide variety of options when buying our tickets. We offer you the right information regarding travel, flights, and airfare.


There is a big difference in costs between local and international flights, and what we offer is a cheaper alternative for Lima residents. There are flight deals at Pasajes Aereos because we have to keep abreast with the competition. Once you search for our various flights and trips, you will find that we have the best offers among other airlines. We handle your luggage according to the flight requirements because there are regulations that we must follow. There are many airlines in Lima, but we have been leading the pack for some time and are considered one of the best airlines in South America.