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What equipment do you need to monitor vibrations?

In huge building projects, it is important to work with the right vibrations. Vibrations can cause a lot of damage to a project when they exceed to an unnatural value. With vibration monitoring it is possible to collect all the data and analyse the situation. Measuring DIN4150-2 is possible when you use the right equipment for it. In this monitoring process, there are two equipment very important: the vibration monitor and the analysing equipment.

The vibration monitor

The most important thing to measure the vibrations is the vibration monitor. This equipment is used to measure all the vibration in a certain area. When you are looking for a vibration monitor to use, make sure you think about the following aspects:

  • The frequency the monitor can measure. There are different kind of vibration monitor that can measure different kinds of vibrations. Be sure to choose the right one to prevent unnecessary mistakes.
  • The filter in the monitor. This part is very important, because it needs to be able to filter out the different frequencies.
  • The battery of the monitor. Vibration monitoring can last for days and because of this, it is important to have a battery that works well. Especially for situations where you can not charge your monitor, because there is no energy station nearby. Nowadays we are lucky that there are big batteries that can last up to two or three weeks without charging them.

Analysing equipment

Vibration analysis equipment is necessary to find the errors. The systems can analyse all the information you have collected. Because of the data of millions of other projects, the system can detect problems very easy. Doing these analyses will give you a certain insight on possible errors in the construction project.