Used Coach Buses Review

Getting a new bus can be costly and over budget. If you are working on a budget and you need to get a bus you can look for used coach buses. A used bus doesn’t mean old. Some buses are used and still in great shape.

1. Features

Brands include Temsa Prestij (New), Man Lion’s Coach R08, Isuzu Novo, Iveco, and Mercedes.
This Temsa Prestij is perfect for short and medium distance journeys. It has an engine displacement of 3.000cc. Also, it has a manual transmission if you enjoy driving buses that operate manually.
Additionally, it has a suspension of air/air. Also, it has 2 axles for operation. This is a comfortable bus and given its size. You can easily operate it along highways with ease. All the seats in the bus have armrests which ensure the comfort of the passengers.
If you are heading for a short distance journey, you don’t have to be bored for the whole journey. The bus has a radio- CD which you can play music to make the journey tolerable.
The Temsa Prestij has an electric roof hatch that you can pop open and get out of the bus in case of an accident. Moreover, there is an emergency hammer that can be used to break the windows to get a passage out of the bus.
On the other hand, the MAN LION’ S COACH R08 is from the MAN brand. This brand is known for designing comfortable buses for long distances. The bus can cover long distances with ease. If you are planning to take a long-distance vacation by bus then his model should be the one you consider.

Moreover, this bus is automatically operated. This means that you don’t need to struggle with the manual operation. You can easily change the gears automatically and enjoy a smooth drive. The Man Lion’ S uses diesel, and it has an engine displacement of 10.518cc. Additionally, it has a suspension of air/air. Also, the bus has3 axles which have an axle configuration of 6 by 2. This bus is quite large, and it carries 58 passengers in one trip. The Man Lion’ S has a toilet which is an excellent addition since it operates for a long distance. Also, it has trashcans for putting your waste wrappers from snacks without littering the bus. Moreover, it has a luggage compartment for extra luggage. Since you will be travelling for long distances you don’t want to be cooped up with your bags.
Also, it has an intercom that allows the driver to communicate with the passengers or the passengers to talk to the driver.

2. Suitable Modifications of Temsa Prestij

• Transport

This bus can be used as a means of public transport. You can convert this bus to a public means of transport. Since it has comfortable arm seats that allow you to seat comfortable for a long distance. You can sleep in the bus comfortably if you find the journey long.

• Tour Bus

You can use this bus as a tour bus. This means that you can venture into the tourist business. This bus is comfortable and moves and can go for mileage of 2000km. This means that you can take your tourists to different destinations all day.

3. User Experiences of Temsa Prestij

a. Pros

• Can Be Used On Rough Roads

The bus can be used on rough roads without causing any discomfort to the passengers. It has improved technology which ensures that you don’t feel the rough terrain. The bus has shock absorbers which ensure that you are comfortable in the bus in any terrain.

• Improved Suspension To Reduce Road Noise

The road noises and vibrations can make it hard to manage and control a bus. This bus comes equipped with suspensions that help reduce road noise. This ensures that you can easily control the bus and improving driving safety.

b. Cons

• Not Great For Long-Distance

Not suitable for a long-distance since it doesn’t have the mileage to cover that. If you want a bus for long-distance, this is not the right one to buy. It qualifies for driving passengers along a short distance but not across countries.

c. Pricing

The price of this bus is upon request. This means that you can get a great bargain when you want to buy this bus. You can say the amount that is within your budget and work your way from there.

4. Suitable Modifications of Man Lion’ S Coach R08

• Tour Bus

If you have a large group of tourists who want to be shown around the area, you can use this bus as tour bus. It has an intercom which makes it easier for the driver to talk to the passengers. This means that you can be giving them facts about the area while still driving around.

• Transport

Travelling for long distances by bus can be tiring, that’s why you need to look for a comfortable bus. This bus has comfortable seats, a toilet, radio, and trashcans which ensure that the journey is bearable. Additionally, the bus operates at a high mileage which is perfect for long-distance.

5. User Experience of Man Lion’ S Coach R08

a. Pros

• Comfortable
This bus is very comfortable, which makes it perfect for a long distance. It has comfortable armchairs that can be adjusted to the right angle that makes you comfortable. Also, it can withstand a rough terrain which ensures that the passengers are comfortable all through the journey.

b. Cons

• Large Size
If you don’t like owning a large bus, let alone drive one then you shouldn’t get this bus. It can accommodate 58 passengers which means that you need to be equipped to handle such a heavy vehicle.

c. Pricing

The bus costs £32.950, which is quite affordable for a modern bus. You can work with your budget and invest in a long-distance bus.


When getting used coach buses, you should ensure that they still function great. This is to avoid any problems in future.